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EXCLUSIVE: Jill Bokor & The Salon: Art + Design

Once again New York City is hosting the Salon: Art & Design, the premiere fine art event showcasing the best galleries and designers from around the world, specially curated by invitation to join together in this fascinating and highly anticipated event. Over two thousand five hundred people attended the grand opening. At the helm is Jill Bokor, her exceptionally trained eye and years of experience makes her the perfect Executive Director, calmly standing in the eye of the storm while orchestrating the year’s biggest event. We had the opportunity to chat with Ms. Bokor, about the special occasion and what visitors can expect to enjoy.

What are you excited about for this year’s Salon Art + Design event? 

I am excited that after a mostly domestic fair last year we can welcome many international galleries both old and new.
The Salon has always been known for its geographic as well as aesthetic mix so it’s great to have that aspect informing the fair once again. 

Will there be new galleries showing this year?

There are a number of new galleries exhibiting at Salon this year. Three of them hail from Paris and mostly show contemporary French design. Another, our first, is from Egypt and will show contemporary Middle Eastern design.  We also welcome new American galleries from California and Texas and Florida, so visitors will be assured of a wealth of new  material to enjoy. 

Which exhibits are you looking forward to the most?

There is so much that I’m looking forward to. We have three jewelry installations, one of artist designed jewelry at Didier of London, and two with haute jewelry, Lauren Adriana of London and Yvel from Israel. All of them show completely discrete work. I used to have an art and jewelry gallery so that’s one of the things I can’t wait to see.

You usually feature a couple of interesting sponsors for the show. Who can attendees expect to see?

Along with the jewelry installations mentioned above, we have a wonderful display of the world’s finest minerals from Wilensky. 
Visitors will also enjoy the furniture line launched by Charles Zana, France’s leading architect and interior designer. Amy Lau, 
one of our top domestic designers is showcasing brutalism in a stunning installation fittingly called “Beauty in Brutalism.” 

What surprises visitors the most when they come to the Salon: Art+Design?

Unlike art fairs where the prices are generally unaffordable to most people, Salon prides itself on having material at all price ranges so there’s  accessibility for the beginning as well as the seasoned collector. And whether a visitor can buy or not, we encourage you to engage with  our highly specialized and knowledgeable exhibitors about what is happening in the world of modern and contemporary design.

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