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Wilensky Minerals Gallery showcase precious crystals as art sculptures

From a star-studded universe to an intricately designed ecosystem, nature’s , creations are unmatched works of art. Among its awe-inspiring natural conceptions are the distinctive crystals, formed as a result of environmental settings and fundamental ecological aspects, which are gaining unprecedented popularity, as nature’s designed sculptures. Known for their recognisable shapes, peculiar forms, entrancing glimmer, and diverse vivid shades, they act as captivating specimens that can be easily distinguished and connected through their appertaining curves, densities, gestural forms and geometry.

New York-based Wilensky Exquisite Minerals Gallery has been observing the historic beauty and marvel, of these minerals and colourful crystals, for over three decades. Established by Stuart Wilensky, the minerals gallery has uplifted these natural objects, affording them an artistic expression of sorts. The entire lineage establishes a poetic dialogue between the beauty of these minerals and the aesthetics of contemporary interior design. The gallery, platforming an extensive and expensive variety of precious stones, fine crystals, and minerals is currently hosting its fall 2022 minerals design exhibition titled Silhouette and exhibiting a remarkable display at the iconic Salon Art + Design event in New York. The design event will be held from November 10, 2022, till November 14, 2022.

As the highlight of an entrancing exhibition, Silhouette uses abstraction to emphasise form. Through the visionary disposition of conceptual photographer Evan D’Arpino, each specimen on display is captured on camera through vellum sheets. The translucent sheets, in turn, minimise most of the features of each crystal, leaving behind nothing but the overall sense of their subtle outlines and form-defining characteristics. D'Arpino additionally exposes unique traits of the minerals through this diffusion. The suppleness of the translucent vellum sheets celebrates atypical points of emphasis that are not captured with regular photography, as cameras can only focus on a horizontal plane.

D'Arpino's art photography occupies the realm between fantasy and reality through this visual alteration—documenting the specimen, while also leaving their genuine state of existence open to countless possibilities. Amongst the assortment of the crystal artworks is the Tourmaline on Orthoclase, Cleavelandite and Lepidolite, which was acquired in its natural state from Minas Gerais, Brazil. The stoic highlighted crystal was recently discovered to possess an unrivalled vivid colouration. The breathtaking pink-red shades are quite unique and appear as candy canes sitting at the pinnacle of a precious gem pocket.

Furthermore, the gallery also presented a sinuously curved oxidised silver sculpture from Norway that appears to be a reflection of a netherworld object, from the dark woods. Every crystal with its captivating form and internal symmetry speaks volume about the region they have been procured from. The calcite helictites forming the Bonsai Tree sculpture were procured from Yunnan, China and is organically shaped as a bonsai tree; the quartz with rutile inclusions from the Manihar mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India tell the tale of thin rutile strands trapped inside the quartz for aeons.

The entire process of capturing the essence of these organic sculptures results in photographic evidence of surreal figures, highlighting the crystalline forms, entailing a sense of wonder, mystery, and adventure. The vellum-veiled crystals appearing to be emerging from a mysterious void, offer slow theatrical, almost cinematic display.

Salon Art + Design will be held at the Park Avenue Armory, New York City from November 10, 2022, till November 14, 2022.

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