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If art is an expression of beauty, then the fine minerals at the Wilensky gallery are the highest form of aesthetic that nature has to offer.

The universal connection between humans and these minerals is the focus of the gallery. Wilensky offers the world’s most stunning minerals, as wonders, as sculptures, as art. The power of these mineral marvels is undeniable and the gallery caters to all those who embrace their breath- taking presence. This is transformative, this is other-worldly, this is Wilensky.

About - Wilensky Exquisite Minerals
About - Wilensky Exquisite Minerals
About - Wilensky Exquisite Minerals

About Stuart Wilensky

To simply state that Stuart Wilensky has a passion for minerals, is, for those who know him, a gross understatement. His commitment, expertise and pure love for minerals is undeniable. It is deep-seated, genuine and relentless.

As the son of art dealers, Stuart had the unique opportunity to travel, visiting many of the world's most iconic art museums. He graduated with a master’s degree in art history, furthering his esteem of the beauty and wonder that is art. 

It was a fateful encounter with a quartz crystal that would change his life. Accompanied by his wife Donna, Stuart decided to convert his passion for minerals into a livelihood. Heavily influenced by the famed mineral collector Peter Bancroft and his seminal Gem and Crystal Treasures book, Stuart began connecting the dots between the art world and the mineral world. The sheer beauty of minerals propelled Stuart's love affair with minerals and still does today.

About - Wilensky Exquisite Minerals

Since 1983, the name Wilensky has become synonymous with the highest levels of mineral collecting. In 2018, the Wilensky Gallery opened in the art district of Chelsea, New York, showcasing the world's most exquisite minerals. The gallery is run by the Wilensky family with Stuart's two sons, Troy and Connor.

Stuart has written extensively about minerals. He has penned multiple volumes of books and numerous articles. But it is the gallery that is truly the culmination of Stuart's adoration of the mineral world. He knows that minerals are the purest form of art, he knows that they need to be experienced, and that they have the power to transform you emotionally. It is their breathtaking beauty that never fails to astound.

Stuart has helped form nearly every significant mineral collection in the world:

* F. John Barlow (Houston Museum of Natural Science)

* Irv Brown 

* Dr. Edward David (Houston Museum of Natural Science)  

* Alyssa Donovan, Marilyn Lang, and Walt Donovan

* Salim Edde (MIM Museum, Lebanon) 

* Sandor P. Fuss 

* James Horner (Houston Museum of Natural Science) 

* Barry Kitt (The Pinnacle Collection)   

* Dr. Gene Meieran 

* Dr. Stephen Neely   

* The Honorable Bruce J. Oreck, former US Ambassador to Finland

* Dr. Erika Pohl (Terra Mineralia Museum, Freiberg, Germany)

* Keith Proctor

* Scott Rudolph Mineral Museum (Private Museum)  

* Dr. Stephen Smale

* Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

* Gail & Jim Spann  

* Sheikh Saud Al-Thani (Natural History Museum, Qatar)

* Peter Via (James Madison University Museum, Virginia)   

* Alice Walton (Crystal Bridges Museum, Arkansas)

* Marc Weill  

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