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Calcite has a very storied history. It is known to catalyze biological reactions, which many believe brought forth life on earth. There are numerous marine organisms that use calcite crystals, when mixed with proteins, to form their shells. We also know that ancient trilobites had actual clear calcite crystals forming the lenses of their eyes. Moreover, most cave stalactites are calcite formations. In human history, however, calcite was used by the Vikings for navigation. It was used in gun sights and bomb sights on aircrafts during World War II. And most recently, scientists discovered calcite can be used to make objects appear to be invisible. 

Calcite is amongst the most collectible of all mineral species. It can be found on every continent on earth and in a myriad variety of colors and crystal shapes. (There are over 800 crystal forms known.) It also possesses a unique property known as birefringence (double refraction). Any object viewed through a calcite crystal appears to be doubled. 

This viewing room is dedicated to calcite. Here in this room, you will see some of the most spectacular examples. Please check back as we will add new specimens as they become available.

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