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In the early days of Wilensky Exquisite Minerals, we polled all of our clients and asked the question: What is your favorite mineral species? The overwhelming answer was fluorite. Looking back upon that question, we probably already knew the answer. Fluorite comes in nearly every possible color, is from hundreds of locations around the world, and is associated with a seemingly endless variety of accessory species.

The earliest reference to fluorite is found in 1530 in Bermannvs Sive De Re Metallica Dialogus by Georgius Agricola. At the time, it was known as fluorospar. Additionally, the phenomenon of fluorescence is derived from the mineral fluorite. Fluorites from many localities fluoresce due to impurities in the crystal most likely due to the presence of rare earth elements.  

This viewing room is dedicated to fluorite. Here in this room, you will see some of the most spectacular examples from several localities. Please check back as we will add new specimens as they become available.


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